Since 1982, individuals with disabilities have contacted Ability Resources for help with meeting a wide variety of their needs. Independent Living Counselors explain the various community, state and federal resources available to assist individuals with disabilities in living independently in the community. Our counselors provide assistance to individuals in finding:

  • Accessible housing
  • Medical equipment/supplies
  • Emergency Assistance
  • Application assistance for various public-benefit programs
  • Peer counseling

Joe’s Story: Upon graduation from high school, Joe, an individual with a developmental disability, got a job as a cashier at a local business through a job placement service. As Joe started to receive promotions at work, his mother and the staff at the job placement services became concerned about the effect work might have on Joe’s federal and state disability benefits. An Independent Living Counselor at AR completed a benefit analysis for Joe and was able to show everyone how Joe could continue working and keep his medical insurance through Medicaid. Joe is still successfully employed and was promoted to assistant manager.

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